How to make yourself sound like the perfect candidate for any job

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I know plenty of people who have applied for jobs that they don’t seem directly qualified for. In a recent blog post, I gave some advice targeted at recent college grads – but anyone can use this tip to get their resume noticed when applying for a job in an unrelated field.


You may not realize it, but even if you have no direct experience, you probably have skills that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. It’s up to you to leverage your experience to demonstrate that you have these skills.


One of my clients, who was working as a waitress/bartender, wanted to apply for a position in a call center. While working on her resume, I asked about her work at the restaurant. All her answers were specific to a food service environment – bring people food, make drinks, make sure everyone at the table is happy. She thought she was JUST bringing people food, JUST making drinks, JUST making sure everyone is happy. However, we were able to frame these things in a way that showcased her skills for the position she wanted to apply for.


Here’s one example of something we included on her resume: “Provide courteous and pleasant service to ensure all guests have a positive experience.” Read through this sentence again and replace the word “guests” with “callers” – it sounds like she already has exactly the experience needed for the position. That’s because she does – she just acquired that experience in a different type of environment.


You can do this on your own resume – even if you’re staying in the same field. If you’re having trouble reframing the details on your resume, I can help! We can work one-on-one to make you sound like the right person for any job.

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