HR Hotline: How should I handle bad resume advice from important people?

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“At the end of an interview, the interviewer gave me some feedback on my resume. Some of the things he was suggesting don’t seem right to me, like adding an objective statement. He wants to see my resume again after I make the changes. What should I do?”


When people give me unsolicited advice, I like to say something like, “Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely consider that.”

This magic phrase accomplishes a number of things:

  • Shows your appreciation for their concern
  • Lets them know you value their opinion
  • Doesn’t commit you to taking their advice


Resume standards have changed over the years. An objective statement is no longer recommended, but an older professional may not be keeping up with new trends in resume writing.


If this person wants to see your resume again, you have 2 options:

  • Make a version that follows their advice. See how it turns out. You don’t have to give it to anyone else!
  • Take any advice they gave you that resonates with you, and leave the rest. They may not even remember. If they ask you why you didn’t take their advice, you can tell them that you researched it and found that the concept is no longer widely used. If you can, point them directly to a reliable source.


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