HR Hotline: How to quit your job while your manager is on vacation

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“I need to give my 2 weeks’ notice, but my manager is on vacation. What should I do?”


My advice in any employment-related situation is to be courteous and pleasant. When leaving a job, it’s in your best interest to avoid burning bridges – even if you don’t want to return to this employer in the future, you may need a reference, and you want it to be a positive one.


If you have a way to get in touch with your manager, I recommend doing so at your earliest opportunity. Whether you call or send an email will depend on your relationship and your manager’s preferred mode of communication. Keep it brief to be respectful of his or her vacation time.


Whether you reach your manager by phone or not, be sure to prepare a written resignation letter, which you can send after, or instead of, the phone call. (See my post on how to write a resignation letter.)


After you’ve spoken to your manager, or if you’re unable to reach your manager, contact your HR representative, who can begin any required paperwork or processes. It’s your responsibility to inform your employer that you’re leaving, so don’t wait for your manager to come back to take care of it.


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