My unconventional advice for getting started with LinkedIn

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As I mentioned in my last post, technology has dramatically changed the way we search for (and companies recruit for) new opportunities, and the way we use these technologies changes by the day. I’m constantly seeing new information about how we’re supposed to use LinkedIn. “No bullet points!” “You must join groups!” It can be overwhelming to approach a new-to-you technology that has so many rules.


That’s why I say: forget about all that stuff. Seriously. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, you need to create an account, pronto. If you’re stressing about all the “rules,” you’re going to put it off forever.


This may be unconventional or even controversial, but I recommend you set up your LinkedIn account, add a (professional) photo of yourself, and copy/paste from your resume. Yes, it’s true that LinkedIn is a much more robust tool than a traditional resume, and you’ll want to optimize your LinkedIn profile eventually, but in my opinion, it’s better to just get started.


Why? Recruiters search LinkedIn every day, looking for people to fill open positions. Optimizing your profile will give you the best chance of being one of the first candidates they find, but just populating your profile with content will help you to show up in their search results. Make sure to include details about each position in your work history to help recruiters better understand your skill set. I have a client who had listed her job titles on her LinkedIn profile without additional details. Once we completed her resume revisions, she added the bullet points to her LinkedIn and immediately started getting messages from recruiters.


LinkedIn is constantly changing and there’s a lot you can do to make yourself more visible and attractive to potential employers. We’ll talk about optimizing your LinkedIn profile in future posts. Sign up for my email list to make sure you don’t miss any of this valuable information!


What do you think of my LinkedIn advice? Am I crazy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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